InfoFlex Training Courses

CIMS provides a 5-day standard InfoFlex System Manager training course. Additional optional and advanced courses are also available.

General Information

  • Each training course is run by a CIMS consultant for a maximum of 6 people. This allows trainees to discuss the course content whilst still benefitting from the trainer’s individual attention.
  • CIMS consultants always deliver a full day of training. The courses listed are combined or split as necessary to comprise a full day. Half days of training are delivered by special arrangement only.
  • The courses are taught by means of explanation and demonstration from the trainer and practical exercises undertaken by the trainees.
  • All courses are carried out with a specially-designed generic training database. This enables users to become aware of the full range of InfoFlex functionality.
  • Certain courses can only be undertaken if trainees have completed earlier InfoFlex courses.
  • All CIMS courses are accompanied by full documentation.
  • All courses and materials are audited for quality.

If you would like further information about our training courses, please contact us.

Links to the user guides for our standard InfoFlex System Manager course are available here.