InfoFlex Licensing

We charge an annual fee per licence or block of licences or on a Trust Wide basis. This fee covers the annual software licence plus our support service. Customers can obtain as many or as few pc licences as they need. Additional licences can be acquired as and when the number of users of InfoFlex clinical systems increases.

Our prices are discounted as the number of licences increase. We also discount our prices dependent upon length of contract. The longer the contractual commitment, the lower the price.

Our aim is to encourage the widest possible use of the InfoFlex toolset throughout our user’s enterprise, be that a palliative care home, a Cancer Network, a hospital, a group of hospitals, a SHA, PCT or CCG. The wider the use of InfoFlex, the greater the cost benefits that accrue to our users.

InfoFlex Licences

InfoFlex licences are charged per PC. The system designs are FREE to licensed users. This is possible because CIMS does not seek to claim IPR to clinical designs or patient care pathways.

Our customers may freely transfer system designs to or from other licensed users.

Thus very cost effective, value for money, speedily implemented clinical systems are immediately available.

Licences Price per annum for a 1 year contract Price per annum for a 5 year contract Price per User
Single InfoFlex PC licence £1,352 £947 £947
Block of 10 Licences £11,234 £7,864 £786
Block of 100 Licences £98,815 £69,170 £691
Block of 200 Licences £186,808 £130,765 £653
Block of 400 Licences £308,682 £216,077 £540
Block of 600 Licences £414,324 £290,026 £483
Trust Wide Licence – up to 1,000 users £420,738 £294,517 £294
Trust Wide Licence – from 1,001 to 1,500 users £525,923 £368,146 £245
Trust Wide Licence – from 1,501 to 2,000 users £631,108 £441,775 £220
Trust Wide Licence – up to 5,000 users £946,662 £662,663 £132

Alternative Licensing for a Concurrent User Base

Sample of Prices for InfoFlex Concurrent Licences Price per annum for 1 year contract Price per annum for 5 yr contract
Ten Concurrent Licences £41,690 £29,183
Twenty-five Concurrent Licences £98,815 £69,170
Fifty Concurrent Licences £186,808 £130,765
One hundred Concurrent Licences £308,682 £216,077
Two hundred and fifty Concurrent Licences £420,738 £294,517
Five hundred Concurrent Licences £631,108 £441,775
One thousand two hundred and fifty Concurrent Licences £946,662 £662,663


Recent assessments of clinical and departmental systems installed throughout the country have highlighted the issue and costs of interfacing to both new PAS systems and the national infrastructure.

By using the InfoFlex toolset as the basis for numerous clinical systems the cost of interfacing and support is greatly reduced. Please note the costs of the InfoFlex DataServer Interface Engine are included in the above prices.


Those Trusts who have, over time, replaced both internal homegrown systems and disparate third party systems with InfoFlex, are making year on year cost savings as well as benefiting from the operation of clinical systems that meet reporting requirements and local clinical needs, as the integrated system follows the patient’s care pathway.