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CIMS Office in Rickmansworth

Chameleon Information Management Services Ltd (CIMS) has been successfully providing high quality and high value clinical information systems to the NHS for over 20 years.

The InfoFlex product forms the core of all information systems implemented by CIMS.

InfoFlex is used in over 140 Trusts and hospices across the UK within a wide range of specialties. CIMS provides services that include design consultancy, project management, interfacing, data conversion, data analysis and InfoFlex training.

About InfoFlex


The InfoFlex product suite is designed specifically for the modelling of clinical information and workflow processes across clinical departments and organisations, providing organisation-wide, integrated clinical information systems based on international, regional, and local requirements.

InfoFlex provides the ideal platform to give clinicians and patients easy access to their clinical data. InfoFlex is easy to use and no programming is required to tailor the product to suit the individual user’s needs. InfoFlex is designed to be highly interactive thereby supporting patients and their care processes.

It can be implemented as part of a hospital’s infrastructure or as a cloud-based solution with integration to other key hospital systems.

View our full InfoFlex Clinical Design Library.


Latest News

InfoFlex New Functionality Overview – May 2017

CIMS is preparing for the May 2017 release of InfoFlex with a number of additions and enhancements that make the product even faster and more convenient to use.


New Release to Include InfoFlex Analytics

The next customer release includes InfoFlex Analytics within the Data Entry module. InfoFlex Analytics allows for a new type of item that can show bar charts, line charts, scatter diagrams and pie charts within data entry to help display and visualise patterns of data.


Web-based innovation facilitates key nurse-patient discussions at Leicester’s Hospitals

Tumour site specific Clinical Nurse Specialists across Leicester's Hospitals are finding that the InfoFlex eHNA (electronic Holistic Needs Assessment) has greatly improved the way in which they are able to support patients through their Cancer Pathway.